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3 Easy Ways to Add Texture to Your Photos

Updated: Oct 9

Adding texture to your food photography can bring it to life. Think about the food you will photograph and ask what elements are the most interesting. Is there an important element to the dish that leans heavily into the texture area? Consider how you can style the dish to highlight it!

There are several ways to do it, so here are three of the most common and effective techniques:

1. Natural Textures

Look for ways to showcase the natural texture of the food itself – try highlighting its knobbly skin or rippled edges in a different light. Natural textures give a photo an organic, rustic feel that you won’t be able to get with other methods. Try drizzling your dish with syrups or sauces that add to the story. Focus on the creamy or thick consistency of soups, a smooth and gooey caramel, or a crumbly crunchy cookie. Doing so will add to the overall story of the food.

2. Unusual Surfaces

Use surfaces like your kitchen countertop or wood dining table, try laying down vintage book pages or some old linen fabric to give your image more texture and depth. Unusual surfaces can also be used as props around the food – you don’t have to stick to conventional plates and bowls!

3. Textured Props

Adding textured elements like baskets, wicker mats, or dried herbs can create visual interest and bring your photos to life. Try adding in extras of the main ingredient of the scene or using visually appealing napkins and plates. These items can easily be gathered from around your house, or you can search thrift stores or antique markets for something more unique.

Get creative with these techniques, and don’t be afraid to experiment! Play around with different materials and props until you find the right combination that best expresses your artistic vision. Make sure your choices align with the story you are trying to tell. With a bit of practice, you’ll soon be creating beautiful and textured food photos like a pro!

You can also start playing with your light angels to bring out the best of the dish. Choosing different lighting for certain foods will make a photo pop or drop. You can also use post-processing to add texture to your images. There are many editing apps available today that allow you to do this with ease. With the right tools, you can enhance the natural textures in your photos.

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